From the heart

Knowing that our attention is the greatest gift we can give our clients, we strive to be with our clients in the present moment.

We attend to what emerges in the healing the space. We trust that what comes up in your body, your psyche, or in your life can be part of your solution.

We incorporate tools from many disciplines and belief systems without prejudice so that we can skillfully address what is emergent.

We adhere to a policy of ‘Do No Harm.’ That means that our methods are often subtle.

‘Less is More’ is one of the attitudes that informs our policy of ‘Do No Harm.’

We listen. We listen to you. We listen for truth. We listen to discover what is emergent.

We trust in the individuality and divinity of each and every one of us. We strive to treat your specific situation, constitution, and life circumstances without overindulging victimhood stories.

We trust the inherent wisdom of your body and your timing.

Our baseline is love. We come from a place of love and we strive to create more love in the world.

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