One way to conceptualize aging is as an accumulation of traumas. You probably know about physical traumas—those ski injuries, car accidents, or small but impactful bumps or twists that seemingly changed your body forever. Emotional and spiritual traumas also get lodged in our bodies, creating patterns of belief that end up limiting, one way or another, freedom of movement—which compromises your health. We think these old injuries are the price we pay for getting older, but they don’t have to be. Acupuncture, bodywork, and other types of energy medicine can reverse trauma, essentially un-winding the years to before you accumulated the issues.

How does energy medicine ‘unwind’ trauma? Traumas create shock patterns. In the midst of a crisis, your body goes into lock down mode around the area of distress. When things are calmer or more normalized, your body may be able to clear the shock, but not always. Sometimes the shock pattern needs a particular kind of attention—resonant attention—in order to release and reset. Once the trauma is engaged with its resonant energy, the body’s natural healing reflex kicks in. The results can seem miraculous, with rapid realignments toward health. But it makes sense that miracle-level healings can transpire since the physical healing is usually completed and all that’s needed is the energetic shift.

One major benefit of reversing trauma is that all the energy your body was using to manage the shock pattern gets freed up for use elsewhere. In other words, the add-on benefit of un-winding trauma is exponential healing ability. Compare that to pharmaceutical pills, whose side-effects are detrimental.

Many forms of bodywork expressly address trauma. In Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT), practitioners are trained to hold resonant attention at many different layers of the body, all with their hands. Acupuncture releases trauma in the meridian system. Ortho-Bionomy and Depth Hypnosis also use a type of shock-reset to bring about healing. Other forms of bodywork that specialize in ‘unwinding’ trauma may be Focussing, shamanism, cranio-sacral therapy, and more. 

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